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What Do You Understand By Letter For Emotional Support Animal?

Pets can be your best friends. They understand and support us, sometimes even better than humans. There are few situations in life when you feel stressed and depressed. After struggling a lot, you tend to visit a doctor. The doctor generally prescribes you some medicines, by which you start recovering. But there are some cases where depressed people can’t be treated by them anymore. That is when ESA- EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS are advisable as the actual cure to the illness. Yes, you heard it right. Even animals can turn a stressed person into a cheerful one. Pets become a form of therapy.

ESA letter –
An ESA letter is a recommendation letter issued by a certified mental health professional when you need the companionship of an animal for the treatment of a severe mental condition. When a person gets this letter, he/she is permitted to legally live with their pet, even in a no-pet policy apartment. Also, he/she is allowed to fly with them. Many people use this letter for emotional support animal as their treatment.
How could you get this?
A person has to check if their condition qualifies for an emotional support animal, and if it does, then apply for an ESA letter online. Some conditions are –
• Learning disorder
• Attention deficit disorder
• Anxiety disorder
• Intellectual disorder
• Motor skill disorder
• Depression, etc.
Who is an emotional support animal?
Animals usually provide aid, comfort, well-being, and support to a person by their unconditional love, affection, and companionship. Any animal can consider as an emotional support animal, be it dog, cat, or any other. The ESA letter is the only difference between an emotional support animal and a regular pet.
You must be careful while getting any letter for emotional support animal. It can help them to recover fast. You have to be aware of while purchasing. Many people might try to fool you, but you should be informed.
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September 2, 2020